Trister Ultrasonic Humidifier 2L Purple TS-105H-P

Dry indoor air can cause dryness of skin, throat, nose, eyes, and lips. Air conditioners can reduce humidity significantly, making a room dry. Furthermore, high humidity can worsen respiratory problems and create dampness in the air. Controlling air quality is an important way of keeping the whole family healthy. Trister helps you to tackle dry indoor air with its range of humidifiers. The aroma function in some of our humidifiers helps to cleanse the air and promote a soothing feeling in the environment.

•Capacity: 2 Liters
•Can work 8-10 hours when full
•Aroma function
•Mist output: 250 ml/hr
•Power: 25~28 W
•Voltage: 100-240V
•Material: Polypropylene

Barcode: 810011080072