Maintaining good health starts with monitoring your current state of 'wellness'.

From keeping a check on your blood pressure to body temperature and weight to glucose level, Trister is focused on providing families with everything they need to monitor good health right from childhood all the way through every life change.

With a range of solutions for every pocket from the simplest to the most complex and innovative technology, Trister puts you in control.

Trister offers a wide range of products specially designed to improve your day.

From improving the quality of the air you breathe, relaxing aching muscles or reducing pain, Trister has it covered.

We're building on our healthcare heritage and deep knowledge of good health & wellness so that every ache, pain or worry can be helped and handled conveniently and confidently with products in the Trister range.

We are constantly working towards delivering best-in-class products by introducing new technologies and innovations. Convenience, Confidence & Control is in your hands empowered by the good health company, Trister.