Trister Humidifier With Ionizer & Filter 5.8L TS-155H5.8

Trister’s Ultrasonic Humidifiers apply ultrasonic technology through a high-frequency oscillation transducer plate to convert water into a fine mist that spreads in the air to balance the moisture in dry conditions.

• It helps in preventing the air against dryness which causes irritation for many people.
• A humidifier can be particularly effective for treating dry skin, throat, nose, and lips as well as for warding off the common cold or flu.


•Capacity: 5.8 Liters
•Voltage: 220-240V
•Mist adjustment
•Ceramic filter decomposes “”hard water”” and avoids scale
•Max. Evaporation: 300 ±30ml/H

Barcode: 810011080638