I do preventive nebulization using, Once morning and evening every day. Recently, I got myself the TRISTER Mesh Nebulizer TS 136NZM on my visit to the Pharmacy. It’s really compact with a 10ml medication cup with an in-built rechargeable lithium battery that stays good for two to three days. Very convenient to use, clean and store in a nice little pouch that comes along. I love the fact that this device produces very fine particle size that is very comfortable to inhale using a mask or even a mouth piece! I have been using it over a week now and really feel comfortable. Being an advanced ultrasonic mesh technology it has a mesh cup that I clean after use with 1ml white vinegar mixed with 6ml distilled water every time after nebulization to ensure that the mesh is clean and not dried up with the medication sticking to it. This will give my Mesh Cup the real long life and good performance as per the instructions manual by the manufacturer. A great handy nebulizer for both home use and on travels!