Trister Personal Facial Cleansing Kit (3 In 1) TS-810-FC

The rechargeable, two-speed unit comes with a convenient carrying case and is waterproof for all bathroom use.

Skin Refreshing Brush (for exfoliation):
Closely fits your skin, deeply cleans the dirt and blackheads, helps to exfoliate and brighten the skin. For all skin types.

Silicone Cleansing Brush (for sensitive skin):
Provides stimulating massage, elastic silicone brush gently cleans and cares for your skin. Good for sensitive skin.

Cleaning & Clearing Sponge (for oily combination skin):
Deeply cleans oil and residual make-up in the pores.
Making for clear and smooth skin.

•3 Cleaning & Treatment Heads
•Washable Accessories
•Dual Speed
•Carry Case Included Accessories
•Sponge 1
•Sensitive Brush 1
•Silicone Brush 1
•plastic travel case 1

Barcode: 810011080799